I’m just back from my walking holiday down the Rota Vicentina and the Fishermen’s Trail along the West coast of Portugal. It follows some of the best preserved coastline in Europe through a beautiful national park.

The views along the coast are quite stunning and the opportunity to stop for a lunch or take a picnic down on the beach breaks the walking day perfectly. The trail feels like a best kept secret as there are no crowds although we did make good friends with a Californian couple who had also booked with The Natural Adventure Company as well a nice chap from Romania.

There is great joy in arriving at a good hotel where your bags have been delivered, having a snooze, a shower

and then to dinner to revel over the days exploits. Highlights for me were the Storks and their babies and scampering down to beaches and paddling in the Atlantic Ocean as the waves crashed and roared!

Article credit to: https://www.thenaturaladventure.com/walking-the-rota-vicentina/

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