In this Letter, owing to typesetting errors, equations (2)–(4) were incorrectly displayed. In equation (2), the plus sign should have been an equals sign, and in equations (3) and (4), there were erroneous minus signs after β and γ, respectively. The correct equations are as follows:

$${F}_{{\rm{epidermis}}}={F}_{{\rm{seam}}}{\alpha }_{{\rm{DV}}}$$


$$\frac{{\rm{d}}\lambda }{{\rm{d}}t}=\beta \frac{{\rm{d}}l}{{\rm{d}}t}H({\alpha }_{{\rm{D}}{\rm{V}}}){\rm{H}}{\rm{i}}{\rm{l}}{\rm{l}}(\lambda )\,\,{\rm{i}}{\rm{f}}\,\{\begin{array}{c}\frac{{\rm{d}}l}{{\rm{d}}t} > 0\\ 0\le \beta < 1\\ l-\lambda > \frac{{F}_{{\rm{C}}}}{k}\end{array}$$


$$\frac{{\rm{d}}{\alpha }_{{\rm{D}}{\rm{V}}}}{{\rm{d}}t}=\gamma \frac{{\rm{d}}l}{{\rm{d}}t}\,\,{\rm{i}}{\rm{f}}\,\frac{{\rm{d}}l}{{\rm{d}}t} < 0\,{\rm{a}}{\rm{n}}{\rm{d}}\,{\alpha }_{{\rm{D}}{\rm{V}}} > 0$$


The original Letter has been corrected online.

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