This is my first blog for the new look website featuring quite a few images for my recent visit to Vikos Gorge reputedly the deepest canyon in the world. It was my first visit to Zagori region and now features as one of many holidays opportunities for 2015. My favourite moment was ‘discovering’  a lost bridge arching over the river as I went off track in search of Bears which I was convinced were hiding in the bushes. No bears were to be found but definitely a bridge on which bears had been walking! My walk down the gorge was spectacular as it was a bright and sunny day and we ended up flying a drone fitted with a gopro camera to get some aerial shots for the website and an up and coming Daily Mail article. If you are a theatre goer as as well as interested in adventure holidays I’ll be be touring in Birdsong playing Jack Firebrace around the country for the first part of 2015. See for dates. I would be happy to say hello and talk about my Balkan adventures.


.bear (The bear I didn’t see)

secret bridge (The secret bridge)

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